Traditionally, Jonathan apples have been the most popular variety in Kansas and much of the Midwest. They are medium sized and can be green and red to almost completely red in color. They ripen in late August and throughout September. Depending on when harvested, the fruit can have a fairly tart flavor to one which is more sweet and complex

History: The origin of Jonathans is not absolutely clear. However, the most accepted account is that the first tree was found in Ulster County, NY by Phillip Rick in 1828. Its popularity steadily increased, and today it is the most popular apple grown commercially in Michigan and most of the Midwest. It is one of the parents of the Jonagold cultivar.*

Taste Profile: Jonathans can vary in taste depending on when they are harvested and how long they remain in storage. When harvested early, Jonathans have a relatively tart taste. When left until fully ripe on the tree they can be less acidic and have a sweeter flavor that contains interesting overtones.

Suggested Uses: For individuals desiring a somewhat tart apple, Jonathans are excellent eating apples. They also are very good for applesauce and cider. They do not keep their shape well when baked.

*Material taken from Wikipedia and from Roger Yepsen, Apples. New York: W. W. Norton, 1994. p. 148.