Goldblush is a late-ripening apple with a yellow skin accented by a red blush where the sunlight hits it. It ripens in early October, and is one of our favorite late-season apples for both flavor and texture. Goldblush is an excellent keeper and will improve in flavor after a month in storage. They have stayed crisp in our refrigerator for over 6 months.

History: Goldblush was trademarked by Ralph B. Griffin in 1991. It was offered by C&O Nursery in the mid-1990s, but was no longer listed in their offerings by 2004. We are virtually the only grower of Goldblush in this area.

Taste Profile: Goldblush has an intense sweet-tart flavor and is crisp and crunchy. Its taste is somewhere between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious. It is excellent for eating and cider and good for cooking. The fruit is large, and it is thin-skinned. It bruises easily, so we suspect that it cannot be shipped long-distances.

Suggested Uses: Great eating apple. Excellent for applesauce and a lighter-flavored pie.