About Beisecker Farms

Beisecker Farms is a small commercial apple orchard located near Baldwin City, Kansas. We have 11 varieties of apples now, with several more coming into production. In season, you can usually find our apples at Checkers Grocery and the Community Mercantile in Lawrence, Kansas.

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  1. Hi. Patty Durkin from Happy Valley farm mentioned your orchard in Baldwin. I have property in Louisburg, Kansas & I would like to start planting an orchard to keep me busy in my upcoming retirement years. This would be a pleasure only orchard and not-for-profit operation. I’m thinking if I plant 8 to 10 apple trees for three years, maybe I’ll have something to keep me busy when I hit retirement mode ….. if they actually produce some fruit. I have about twenty five acres in the Louisburg area, so I should have plenty of room. Patty mentioned that she thought it was pretty cool the way you planted different varieties in your orchard so as to enjoy a harvest during successive specific time periods. Would you advise planting in the spring or fall? And also, could you maybe suggest some hearty hybrids for apples/peaches? If I plant a few different varieties of apples for the 8 to 10 trees that I want to plant….. maybe I’ll have similar results. And if you have a source for purchasing the stock and are willing to provide a suggestion for that, I would really appreciate your help with that too. I will tell you that I am not a big fan spraying the chemicals, but maybe you have some suggestions that will minimize that nasty task. I’ll be contacting the Kansas Extension office to see what they have to say also, but I thought I’d shoot you this e-mail to hear from someone who has actually done it. Thanks.

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